Positive Doctoring: Integrative Symptom Management

Do you wish that practicing medicine felt as satisfying as you once thought it would?  

Would you like more tools to reduce your patients' suffering?

Learn & connect with like-minded physicians.

20+ CME credits


If you are inspired by the art of medicine, understand the wisdom of the whole-person approach, and appreciate evidence-informed integrative practice, you've found your people.

You'll learn to craft effective integrative treatment plans designed to reconnect you with the joy of practicing medicine, create happier patients and differentiate your practice.

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Included in your training

Patient care tools

Teach your patients practical, easy and effective tools to relieve their physical and emotional suffering. When they feel better, you feel better.

Self-care skills

You can't pour from an empty cup. Taking care of you IS taking care of your patients. 


Transform in community

Share the journey with like-minded physicians who believe in deep empathy for our patients AND radical attention to our own wellbeing. 

This program is for you if...

You are a physician who cares for patients with significant conditions (e.g., oncologist, rheumatologist, cancer surgeon, palliative care physician, geriatrician, PM&R and others) who wants more evidence-supported tools to manage your patients' symptoms.

  You want to reconnect with the joy of practicing medicine.

 You want to add an integrative approach to your practice but you're not sure how to make it happen.

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What our students are saying

You are amazing!!

"Miss it already!!! What an incredible course and community! Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, leadership, and deeply impactful content…Both life and clinical practice changing, and provided light back into my clinical vision. You are amazing!! Highly recommend this course to all who may get the opportunity!" 

Jillian Rigert, DMD, MD

(oral medicine)

 Helped to inspire me to open my own integrative medicine practice!

"(Dr. Chiaramonte) is an engaging leader and teacher, always stimulating lively discussions and leading the group to think outside the box... the course helped to inspire me to open my own integrative medicine practice! (Dr. Chiaramonte) masterfully transfers her passion for medicine to her students."

Mollie Sourwine, MD

(family medicine)

The self-care aspect has been a very valuable addition to my practice.

"This course contained information on how to continue to honor yourself as you practice in challenging areas of medicine. This is actually the most surprising and valuable thing I got from the course. The subject content was great too... but I think the self-care aspect has been a very valuable addition to my practice."

Sarah Merritt, MD

(anesthesia and pain management)

One of the top educators in her field.

"Dr. Delia Chiaramonte is the most caring, experienced, and knowledgeable integrative and palliative medicine provider that I have been fortunate enough to work beside. Not only does she have an amazing impact on her patients, but she is one of the top educators in her field. I can honestly say that she has shaped my career in medicine, and I am so grateful to consider her a mentor."

Elyse Demers, MD

(palliative medicine)

I highly recommend it.

"Taking care of patients with serious illnesses is not a one size fits all; instead, it involves thinking beyond conventional medical care and treating the whole person through the integrative palliative approach. This program does an excellent job of teaching physicians all the great benefits of integrative care to patients and themselves. I highly recommend it.”

Angela Choi, MD

(palliative medicine)

So much valuable information! 

"Priceless modules that I will go back to over and over again. They are filled with so much valuable information! However the most priceless: the community of like-minded physicians who are trying to practice heart-centered healing without losing ourselves in the process, or practicing in a way that does not align with our inner path."

Mitra Ayazifar, MD


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 'Positive Doctoring: Integrative Symptom Management'

Recorded course




  • Recorded materials to watch on your own time.
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'Positive Doctoring: Integrative Symptom Management'

Scholar course




  • Recorded materials to watch on your own time.
  • The option to join our private Facebook group.
  • Weekly group mentoring by Dr. Chiaramonte with other physicians just like you - for a year!
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'Positive Doctoring: Integrative Symptom Management'

Scholar course plus 1:1 coaching




  • Recorded materials to watch on your own time.
  • The option to join our private Facebook group.
  • One year of weekly mentoring by Dr. Chiaramonte with other physicians just like you.


  • 1:1 guidance from Dr. Chiaramonte to transform into an Integrative Symptom Management Scholar.
  • Two 45-minute coaching sessions per month (for 3 months).
  • Interval support by text or email.
  • 6-week mental fitness program (sold normally for $995), including daily app support to enhance your wellbeing.
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Our Mission

The Integrative Palliative Institute will train 1,000 physicians in integrative symptom management by 2025, because every physician deserves to love their work, and every patient deserves an effective and joyful physician.

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 Dr. Chiaramonte

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