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For families and physicians, making hard things easier.

Coaching for families facing serious illness.

Positive Doctoring training for physicians. 

Expand your toolbox. Improve wellbeing.


Calming the Chaos:

Caring for your loved one without losing yourself 

Caring for a loved one with a complex or serious illness is hard. Really hard. 

You want to do the right thing and be there for the person that you care about, but it can be exhausting.

There are symptoms to manage, family conflict to deal with, decisions to make, and tough conversations to get through.

It's a lot.

Knowledge and support can help.

Learn insider information about the medical system, skills to handle tough conversations, and practical tools to take care of yourself. If you get depleted, it's not good for you and it's not good for your loved one.

You don't need to do this alone. 

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"Made a difficult and emotional process easier."

"Dr. C’s patience, care, expertise, and understanding allowed us to focus on my father’s wishes and what was best for the family. She made a difficult and emotional process easier and more meaningful for all of us."


"I gained peace."

"I gained peace while working with Dr. Delia Chiaramonte and she gave me a framework and perspective that really helped navigate a complex time.  I'd urge anyone who has a loved one who needs help with their complex, individual care needs to reach out. It was a blessing."


Details & Options 

 Recorded course for families facing serious illness.
Advice for creating a strong care team.
 Effective self-care skills.
 Guidance for discussing tough topics.
 Mental fitness program with app.
 1:1 coaching.
 Unlimited coaching support available for when times are especially tough.

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Positive Doctoring

Helping empathetic physicians expand their treatment toolbox and love their work.

Some patient encounters are challenging.

A patient with chronic pain requests escalating doses of opiates.

A patient is about to intubated and may never get off the vent. What do you say to the family?

How do you reduce your patient's anxiety without benzodiazepines?

How do you stop yourself from getting depleted when you see patients day after day after day?

There is a lot you can do.

We can help you create the satisfying practice you imagined when you started medical school.

Positive Doctoring includes integrative symptom management for your patients, as well as a heart-centered focus on your humanity and wellbeing.

You'll have more tools to manage your patients' pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and stress AND more tools to take care of you. 

Because caring for yourself is caring for your patients.

Come train with us. You'll have happier patients and more satisfying work.

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Helped to inspire me to open my own integrative medicine practice!

"(Dr. Chiaramonte) is an engaging leader and teacher, always stimulating lively discussions and leading the group to think outside the box... the course helped to inspire me to open my own integrative medicine practice! (Dr. Chiaramonte) masterfully transfers her passion for medicine to her students."

MOLLIE SOURWINE, MD (family medicine)

The self-care aspect has been a very valuable addition to my practice.

"This course contained information on how to continue to honor yourself as you practice in challenging areas of medicine. This is actually the most surprising and valuable thing I got from the course. The subject content was great too... but I think the self-care aspect has been a very valuable addition to my practice."

SARAH MERRIT, MD (anesthesia and pain management)

The details

This evidence-informed integrative symptom management program will give you the tools you need to reduce your patients' suffering while enhancing your own wellbeing. 

 Positive Doctoring program options

Evidence supported recorded curriculum.
 Practical skills to enhance wellbeing in your patients and yourself.
 Bonus expert recorded lectures.
 Learning cases to put your knowledge into practice.
 20+ CME available.
 Mental fitness program to support your wellbeing.
 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
 Recorded curriculum available for NPs and PAs.

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