Expanding the wellbeing toolbox
for families facing serious illness

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More tools to make a hard time easier.


Do you have a loved one with a serious illness?

Helping families facing serious illness calm the chaos and reduce stress.

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Helping empathetic physicians expand their treatment toolbox & love their work.

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At IPI we believe:

 Families facing serious illness deserve to live their best life.

 Illness is a family affair.

 Physicians and patients are on the same team.

 Using all the tools that work is the best approach.

Serving physicians & families who care for people with serious illness

Whole person care for people with serious illness, using all the tools that work.

Hi, I'm Dr Delia Chiaramonte

I'm passionate about improving the wellbeing of families facing complex or serious illness. 

I have been honored to care for many people with complicated medical conditions. I've learned from them and I've been inspired by them.

I've also experienced the fear, stress and overwhelm of loving someone who is coping with a tough medical condition.

My patients have helped me become a better doctor, and a better person. What I have learned from them, I will share with you.

I'm Board Certified in Family Medicine, Palliative Medicine and certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. 

Serious illness is tough on everyone. 

There is a better way.

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"Miss (the training) already!!! What an incredible course and community! Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, leadership, and deeply impactful content…Both life and clinical practice changing, and provided light back into my clinical vision. You are amazing!! Highly recommend this course to all who may get the opportunity!"

- JR, physician

"I have never worked with someone so warm, wise, understanding, knowledgeable, and supportive... You are a treasure."

- AE, physician

"I don't know what I would do without you...I will never be able to express what you've done for me and my family."

- DD, physician and family caregiver

Our Mission

IPI helps families facing serious illness become stronger, more connected and more present.
We will train 1,000 physicians in integrative symptom management by December 2026, because every physician deserves to love their work and every patient deserves an effective and joyful physician.
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Families facing serious illness.

Physicians seeking more satisfying practice.

More tools. Happier families. More joyful physicians.


When your loved one has a serious illness

Go from overwhelmed to confident, calm and present.

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Expanding the physician toolbox 

Learn integrative symptom management for happier patients and more satisfying work.

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