Caring for someone with a serious illness is overwhelming

With the right support it doesn't have to feel this hard 

  • Gain clarity about how to best help your loved one
  • Get comfortable with tough conversations
  • Learn how to organize the chaos
  • Help your¬†loved one make important decisions
  • Learn skills to manage strong emotions (yours everyone else's)
  • Fill up your own cup so you have the strength to help your loved one
You aren't doing it wrong. It's just hard.

Life can feel better than it does right now.

Become the most effective caregiver that you can be.

Get The Support You Need

 A Caregiver's Compass  

 For family caregivers of people facing serious illness.

A program that will help you:

‚úĒ¬†Navigate¬†the medical system with confidence

‚úĒ Make clear medical decisions as a family¬†

‚úĒ¬†Communicate confidently¬†about tough topics

‚úĒ¬†Feel calm in the midst of¬†stress

‚úĒ¬†Connect with your family members, even the challenging ones

‚úĒ¬†Take care of you,¬†because you deserve care too

A physician-guided program to help you manage a tough situation with skill, authenticity, and connection.

What To Expect

Insider Advice

Dr. Chiaramonte will use her insider knowledge of the healthcare system to help you understand how to get the best care for your loved one

Courageous Conversations

You'll learn what to say and how to help when your loved one has to make tough medical decisions.

Care For You

You'll learn easy to implement tools to 'fill up your cup' so you can continue to show up for your loved one and also for yourself

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What people say about Dr. Chiaramonte

"I don't know what I would do without you"

"I don't know what I would do without you...I will never be able to express what you've done for me and my family."

Donna Decosta, MD

"Cannot recommend her highly enough"

"Dr. Chiaramonte has walked with me through my cancer and through other medical family crises. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Sher Marshall

"A phenomenal person"

"You are a phenomenal person and I will be forever grateful for all your compassion, professionalism, honesty, and direction that you provided me with. I highly recommend your services that you provide to individuals and families. You were the angel God sent to me and I’m thankful."

Marguerite Baker

"You are a treasure"

"I have never worked with someone so warm, wise, understanding, knowledgeable, and supportive...You are a treasure."

Ari Elman, MD

"I gained peace"

"I gained peace while working with Dr. Delia Chiarmonte and she gave me a framework and perspective that really helped navigate a complex time. I'd urge anyone who has a loved one who needs help with their complex, individual care needs to reach out. It was a blessing."

Nikita Shah, MD

"Made a difficult and emotional process easier"

"Dr. C’s patience, care, expertise, and understanding allowed us to focus on my father’s wishes and what was best for the family. She made a difficult and emotional process easier and more meaningful for all of us."

Kathleen Standiford, MD

"I am forever grateful"

"When my remarkable dad fell seriously ill at age 92, Dr. Chiaramonte helped me navigate the logistical and emotional journey in ways that helped my entire family immeasurably.

Her knowledge of resources, ability to understand a family in crisis, and calm, rational while loving demeanor, really made a difference. Dr. Chiaramonte’s guidance and actions on our behalf helped make my dad’s last few months on earth, not only bearable, but even beautiful. I am forever grateful. You can’t imagine what a source of strength you were to me."

Adina Amith

Meet Dr. Chiaramonte

Delia Chiaramonte, MD, is an experienced integrative palliative medicine physician and medical educator. She is the founder of the Integrative Palliative Institute and host of The Integrative Palliative Podcast.

As a thought leader in the field of integrative palliative medicine, she specializes in whole-person care for families facing serious illness, using all the tools that work. Dr. Chiaramonte is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and she has been voted repeatedly as a 'Top Doc' by her physician peers.

As the mom of two daughters who faced significant medical conditions, Dr. Chiaramonte understands, from the inside, the fear, stress and overwhelm that people face when someone they love is unwell.

"You can support your loved one without losing yourself"

 Dr. Chiaramonte

You don't need to do this alone

It doesn't need to feel this hard



RECORDED COURSE: Calming The Chaos

Pay What You Can

Watch the course on your own time

  • Recorded course: Calming the Chaos
  • Expert information to help you advocate for your ill loved one and yourself
  • Guidance on discussing tough topics
  • Tools to support your wellbeing
  • 6 practical modules with easy-to-implement techniques

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A Caregiver's Compass   

Work with Dr. Chiaramonte

  • Guided intake process¬†
  • 4 one-to-one coaching sessions with Dr. Chiaramonte to address the unique needs of your family
  • A downloadable workbook to organize your loved one's care
  • Scripts to make tough conversations easier
  • A caregiving roadmap for you to follow and personalize
  • Recorded knowledge & skill building program
  • Personalized review with feedback of your caregiving plan by Dr. Chiaramonte
  • Calming the Chaos recorded course
  • Discounted Mental Fitness program
  • Discounted additional coaching hours
  • Limited¬†spots available

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 Dr. Chiaramonte

Personal attention for your individual challenges

  • 2-months of 1:1 coaching with Dr. Chiaramonte
  • 6 coaching sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Intermittent support by text or phone
  • Complementary recorded course: Calming the Chaos
  • Optional 6-week mental fitness program (additional fee)
  • Free mental fitness app with optional mental fitness program (one-year subscription)
  • Available by application only

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 Dr. Chiaramonte

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A note from Dr Chiaramonte

When illness strikes it rocks your whole family. You want to do the right thing for your loved one, but the stress of it all can be overwhelming and exhausting. I wish that I could lift this burden from your family.
Unfortunately, no one can make this an easy time, but perhaps it can be a bit easier than it is right now. If you’d like guidance and support, you can find that here.
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