$3,400.00 USD

Coaching (6 months)

A Unique Coaching Model That Will Change How You Respond to Stressful Experiences

How you respond to the stresses that life sends your way is closely tied to your wellbeing. You may have learned habits over your lifetime that increase your distress, and this will make the hard parts of life harder.

Whether you are dealing with an ill loved one or the stress of working with ill or aging people, unhelpful reactions to this daily stress can negatively impact your happiness, your sleep, your relationships and your health.

It can rob you of joy, and life is just too short for that!

Included in Coaching:

  • Positive Intelligence 8-week program with skill-building app
  • One year access to positive intelligence app
  •  Personalized 50-minute coaching every other week over 4 months (8 sessions total)
  • Email support from Dr. Chiaramonte over the 6-month coaching relationship
  • Long-lasting self-awareness and skill-based wellbeing tools  

This approach to coaching is truly transformational. It will not only help you relieve your current area of distress, but it will give you the tools to improve all areas of your life.