$997.00 USD

Integrative Symptom Management Self-Paced Course

After completing this practical, curated program, you will be able to create the integrative symptom management practice of your dreams.

You'll learn how the integrative approach can supercharge your diagnostic skills, help manage your patients with chronic pain, treat anxious patients without medication and much more. 

Your patients will feel better and you will enjoy your practice more.

The skills you learn are both for your patients and for you, because you deserve wellness too.

What you'll get:

  • Practical tools to improve your patients' symptoms that you can use in the office the next day

  • Evidence-supported information delivered by an experienced integrative palliative medicine physician

  • A teaching style that is actionable with very little fluff - we know that you're busy

  • 20+ hours of instruction 

  • Option for private coaching (extra fee) to help you implement what you've learned

  •  Bonus sessions with experts in sleep, cannabis, and more

Topics Include...

Becoming an Integrative Physician

Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Mind-Body Medicine

Pharmacologic Pain Management

Non-Pharmacologic Pain Management

Manual Medicine/Myofascial Pain



Office Counseling



Aromatherapy Basics

PTSD/Post Traumatic Growth

Brain Health

Gut Health


Food/Supplement Basics

Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Medicine

Alternative Medical Systems

And more...