$997.00 USD

Mental Fitness Group Coaching

Improve your Mental Fitness by joining a Positive Intelligence pod

What you'll get:

  • A more positive response to stress
  • Better relationships at home and at work
  • A calmer mind
  • Greater understanding of how your own mind works
  • Connection with your pod members
  • Practical and effective tools to manage stress long after the program is over

The Program:

  • 8-week online program
  • Weekly pod meetings led by Dr. Chiaramonte
  • Weekly Positive Intelligence educational video
  • Positive Intelligence e-book
  • Positive Intelligence app
  • 15 minutes of practice daily through the app

Money back guarantee.

We're so sure that you'll find value in this program that if you attend all of the pod meetings, use the app as instructed and don't find value, we'll happily refund your investment