$1,997.00 USD

A Caregiver's Compass

If you have a loved one with a serious illness, the Caregiver's Compass program can help make a hard time easier.

When you work with Dr. Chiaramonte you can expect to:

  • Use a guided intake process for you and your family members to identify the key issues that are increasing family stress
  • Schedule 4 coaching sessions with Dr. Chiaramonte. You can use them for yourself, include your relatives, schedule a family meeting, break the sessions into smaller chunks, or any other plan that works best for your family.
  • Get unstuck and find clarity about how to help your loved one
  • Create a clear plan for how to move forward as a family. Dr. Chiaramonte will guide you in the creation of your plan, review it, and provide feedback.
  • Learn tips for managing the complex medical machine
  • Learn practical skills to talk about scary topics with ease and confidence
  • Learn easy to implement self-care skills and support committing to your own wellbeing. Yes, you deserve this!
  • Create your personalized caregiving roadmap  
  • Get closer to your loved ones, and learn how to deal with your pricklier relatives
  • Get the recorded Calming the Chaos course 
  • Have discounted access to Dr. Chiaramonte's coaching sessions if you'd like more support

It doesn't have to feel this hard